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Weightlifting Gold Coast

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 Full time or casual?

We cater to your goals.


Need Remote Coaching?


Programming and Online Coaching available.


We not only focus on the Olympic lifts but program and train athletes for all sports.

What membership
do i need?

Not sure what you're after?

Shoot us an email and we'd be happy to help.



Callum Hannay - Head Coach / Owner

Welcome to Burleigh Barbell Club! 

I am the Owner and Head Coach and would like to share my passion for weightlifting with you. Our mission at the club is to promote longevity in the sport and to bring the benefits of weightlifting (such as Flexibility, Strength and Co-ordination to name a few) to a wide range of individuals. Be it part time training or competing at a high level, we're here to help!

Luke Gardner - Assistant Coach

With over 20 years weightlifting behind him, Luke brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the team.

Brayden Williams - Assistant Coach

Brayden has been lifting at a national level for 2 years and with a sharp eye for detail, brings a calculated approach to his coaching. 


How do classes run?

A typical session runs for approximately 2 hours and within those 2 hours you will complete your individualised program. Programs include warmups and stability work, technical work (Snatch/C&J variations), Strength work and finished with accessories and core.

What do I wear?

Any fitness apparel can be worn. We recommend wearing weightlifting shoes but if you don't own a pair that is not a problem. We even have some you can borrow!

Do I need to be a competitive weightlifter?

NO! Weightlifting is for everyone! We train a multitude of people ranging from 7 yrs old up to 70+. The benefits weightlifting provides are astounding! From mental fortitude to increased bone density as you age to furthering athletic development.... the results are amazing!

How many sessions should I do?

That is entirely up to your own personal goals. We highly recommend a minimum of 2 per week, however also understand the obligations and responsibilities that life throws at you. For more info click here and to see our timetable click here.

I am an absolute beginner, where do I go from here?

Shoot us an email or call me, Callum, on 0415 757 878 and we can get you up and lifting.

I offer one on one personal sessions to help you get up to speed with the lifts andhelp you get settled into the club.

Remember this wonderful sport is a marathon. You don't have to be great to start but you have to start to be great :)

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0415 757 878


Unit 4/12 Township Drive

(Behind Burleigh Town Hotel)

West Burleigh QLD 4220

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