Memberships are charged fortnightly​ and include the surcharge
  •  1 x Week and Casual drop ins $21.20 per session
  •  2 x Week  $62.40/Fortnightly
  •  3 x Week  $82.40/Fortnightly
  •  4 x Week   $102.40/Fortnightly
  •  Full Time (5+ sessions)  $112.40/Fortnightly
  • Juniors (u17) 1 x Week $32.40/Fortnightly
  • Juniors (u17) 2 x Week $52.40/Fortnightly
  • Juniors (u17) 3 x Week $72.40/Fortnightly
We offer discounted rates for Pensioners / Emergency Service crew / Students and Concession card holders 
If you are new to the sport and would like to join the club, contact me for a 1 hour
one-on-one session for $75. This session is designed for us to get acquainted with each other, work on any technical issues you may have and discuss what program would suit you best.